Houston STD Clinic


Dr. Cumber is Your  Source for        

Immediate, Private,                                        

STD Testing

and Treatment             

in Houston, Texas and is the Director of



 2 Locations to Serve You


Salazi Medical Clinic

1826 Wirt Road
Houston Texas 77055





Family Health Associates 

16125 Cairnway, Suite 100
Houston Texas 77084




Dr. Salimah Cumber has more than 5 years experience in General Practice and treating patients at his Houston STD CLINIC in Houston, Texas.  He is fully licensed in the State of Texas as a Physician and Surgeon.


You will notice an emphasis on preventive health care and be questioned extensively about all your health maintenance, not just about the STD that concerns you today. By combining this wholistic approach to your health along with all available medical treatments Dr. Cumber offers the most comprehensive care possible at the Houston STD CLINIC.


At Houston STD CLINIC we do our very best to accommodate new and established patients with same day office visits when they are ill. After hours the doctors mobile telephone number is available to all patients.



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